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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Duck Journal: The first week! (Almost)

We got the ducklings on Thursday, the 20th. We were planning on getting only four but because only six hatched, we ended up with everyone.

All the ducklings are Silver Appleyards. (Also known as Appleyards. Silver Appleyard is the only recognized color.) I have two (Indy and Jyn (Yes, named after the Star Wars character Jyn Erso) that will grow up to be white. The other four will be "Silver Appleyard" colored. (The photo on the link to the Livestock Conservancy website is a drake.)

One of the ducklings, Indy (one of the white ones), has (had) a bent over foot. It was bent/curled up so she was walking on her ankle. We used many different splints and braces made from pipe cleaners, vet wrap and tape. (More on this later!) It is getting better.

Everyone is in the brooder!

The favorite pastime of standing in the food had an unwanted side affect, pooping in the food!

Asleep in the food!

The setup!
We added a heat lamp with a regular bulb in it to add some extra heat in the eating/drinking area for the first week.

Enjoying the heating plate! You can see Indy's wrapped foot well in this photo. She is closest to the camera!
Sleepy babies! 😊

Indy with her/his splint

They grow so fast!
First field trip outside!

This is so fun!
The ducklings loved their field trip outside!