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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wellspring Farm Poultry Hospital: Raphael: Day 2

Raphael spent the night in her crate. In the morning we gave her some mash made out of pelleted chicken feed, olive oil, water, and slippery elm bark syrup (recipe). She ate the mash all up. Her crop was slightly smaller and had less fluid in it. She also had a very small, liquidy poop. She also got a red light treatment. (See post Wellspring Farm Poultry Hospital: Raphael: Day 1) We gave her a  2-3 tablets of arsenicum homeopathic dissolved in 3cc of water. We gave her a dose once every hour until she went outside in the afternoon. In the afternoon we let her outside to be with the rest of the flock. She did well and went to bed with them.