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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wellspring Farm Poultry Hospital: Raphael: Day 1

Raphael, one of my Australorp hens (See links below), has been looking sick. She's been a little droopy lately and has been standing all bunched up with her neck tucked in.

We felt her crop and it felt like a water balloon, about golf ball size. we have treated many hens with these symptoms and so we decided to make her vomit up the gunk in her crop. (Watch a different chicken being vomited that has impacted crop Here) Nothing much came out. We brought her inside and put her in a wire dog crate in our basement with pine shavings and water. Normally if the chicken has sour crop your not supposed to give it water for the first 12 hours. However, the liquid that came out of her crop did not smell bad like it does when a chicken has sour crop.  The yeast infection makes the stuff smell bad.

We gave her 2-3 tablets of Nux Vomica homeopathic dissolved in 3cc of water and gave it to her with a syringe every hour. We also gave her two Red Light treatments, one on her crop and one to acupuncture points (view PDF Here). She had one poop after we had had her inside for a few hours. Her crop also got slightly smaller and less fluid filed. She started eating shavings so we put her on a towel to stand on and a perch made from a tree branch in preparation for the night. She got on the perch and went to sleep as soon as it got dark.
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  1. Very detailed and well written. However, the chicken vomiting was gross!!