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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Very Local Food




What is "Very Local" Food?

Well, I think of "Very Local Food" as meaning "From the Yard Food". Food that was grown (or raised) by you (or at least partially) in your yard.

Why would someone ever want to grow their own food? You could just buy it at the grocery store! 

Firstly, it's better for you to grow your own food. You know what happened to the food that you're putting into your body (you are what you eat, right?). If you don't eat all organic and you apply this formula to yourself you may find that you are more of a jug of roundup than a human (no personal offense). If you don't grow it or know what the farmer did to the food, you don't know what you're eating. And you thought that the corn you ate yesterday was corn....*sigh*

Secondly, growing your own food is better for the earth. If you grow your own garlic, for example, the garlic you grow travels no more than one hundred or so feet from garden to kitchen, whereas grocery store garlic travels half way around the world. (Yes, it seems that most grocery store garlic comes from China.)  Less well traveled food is better for the earth because going to the garden one hundred feet away uses much less fuel than getting it from China!

These are some pictures of food that comes from our yard.

Giant cuke and tomato

An egg from our chickens

Our garden several years ago

The chickens when they were babies

Roxie, the Barred Plymouth Rock

Our garden this spring


  1. Enjoyed seeing your garden and chickens

  2. Thank you for sharing your garden. I think I will need to expand mine next year.