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Monday, October 9, 2017

Raphael the Mommy Chicken! (and Poultry Update)

I started this post awhile ago so I'm also including a poultry update.

Raphael, one of my Australorp chickens, went broody and hatched five chicks! (She started with six eggs but one of the eggs broke and the chick inside died) They did very well together. Raphael went her own way when they were mostly feathered. Around then four of the five started crowing! I traded three of the cockerels to Harvey Ussery for two pullets. Those two pullets are settling in with the layer flock well. I am going to move the two remaining birds that Raphael hatched (Tufty is the girl; Rose is the boy) in with them as soon as I can get one more roost up in the chicken coop.
Raphael's sickness was covered in two past posts. She is all better now and was a great mommy!

For more info check out the below links!

Harvey Ussery's Website, The Modern Homested
Australorp Chicken - The Livestock Conservancy
All the other poultry are doing well. Fenway got bumble foot but got better from that. Then Commit got bumble foot! She has a wrap on now and is getting better. All seven of the ducks are doing great and I'm sure are dabbling away in the rain (the first rain we've had in about a month!!). 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Duck Journal: Slideshow: Weeks 2.5 - 4

For a duckling update see Duck Journal: Weeks 2.5 - 4 .
Watch a slideshow of some very cute ducklings! ☺


Duck Journal: Weeks 2.5 - 4

The ducklings are four weeks old already!
(OK, so it does feel like I've been scooping duck poop for my entire life, but hey, their cute!)
I mean really cute!

Everyone is doing great! They are now walking all the way from their brooder where they sleep at night to their outside run during the day! They are getting strong!!
(Photos taken on Mother's day, the 14th)

(For more photos watch the slideshow! See Duck Journal: Slideshow: Weeks 2.5 - 4 .

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Duck Journal: Slideshow: Day 1 - Week 2.5 (Watch on YouTube!)

Watch how fast they grow! It's hard to believe they are already going to all be three weeks on Wednesday! (Some will be three weeks on Monday!)

Follow the link below to watch the slideshow!


The setup!
Duke with the ducks! 😊